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GUEST STACKER: Kathleen Barnes of Carrie Bradshaw Lied

Happy May! I have been literally counting down the days to introduce this month's insaaaaanely fabulous guest stacker Kathleen Barnes, founder of our favorite SoCal beachside blog: Carrie Bradshaw Lied! (Best blog name ever by the way. Amiright? Be sure to check out my q&a with Kathleen below to find out what it means.) Needless to say, we are super pumped to introduce the one and only Carrie Bradshaw Lied Stack, designed by the CBL fashionista herself!

Okay, so I discovered CBL via The Everygirl, as Kathleen's ridiculously amazing home tour (seriously check it out) was featured the week before mine (hers was basically an impossible act to follow -_-). After taking a peek around her home, I made a bee-line for her blog and was pleased to find it was just as fabulous, colorful, and stylish as her home! Not only am I inspired by Kathleen's feminine, bold yet relaxed (yes she makes that possible!!?), effortless Southern California style - she is also one of THE nicest + funnest gals I've had the pleasure of working with. For real. The witty, down-to-earth tone you'll find in her blog posts genuinely reflects her, and I find that SUPES refreshing.

As a California wannabe, I find myself vicariously living through her gorgeous imagery + shoot locations (think Malibu, Laguna, sand, sun, heaven, etc. etc. etc.), her fresh looks, and summery aesthetic. I'm certain you will too!

Keep scrolling to learn a bit more about Kathleen + CBL. Also, check out the Carrie Bradshaw Lied Stack (consisting of our Evil Eye Bangle, Gold 5X Wrap, and Silver Nuggets) custom designed by Kathleen herself, and receive 15% off all orders site-wide this week only using code: CBL15 at checkout!

For those who are new to Carrie Bradshaw Lied (best blog name ever), can you give us an idea of what readers can expect from your blog? I named this blog when I was fresh out of college and had no idea anyone would even read it - so I'm always relieved when people like the title! Essentially this blog was started because I thought post-grad life would be effortlessly fabulous, using my paycheck to buy fancy shoes and getting drinks and dinner all the time with my girlfriends. I quickly realized I couldn’t afford those shoes, I have to choose between clothes and dining out, and all my high school and college friends were scattered. So I had to make new friends,which is not so effortless! CBL is all about living your life fabulously on a real girl’s dime. How would you describe the definition of CBL style? I’ve actually never gotten this question before and I kind of love it. I would say my style is feminine, fun and a touch of glam. I’ve been a girly-girl all my life, so I’m not afraid to wear 87 pieces of jewelry with a hot pink ball skirt. If I feel great, I’m gonna wear it, no matter what anyone else thinks (including my poor husband)! I think confidence is the key to looking great and pulling off any look – therefore, you know I’m not afraid to go bold. With that being said, I recently moved from Mississippi to California… so my hair has gotten a little less tall and my style has definitely been influenced by the relaxed vibe of Southern California. I mean… does that even make sense? Ha! Tell us about your stack design process! Did you have a specific vision in mind before selecting bracelets for The Carrie Bradshaw Lied Stack? I’ve always told myself when (or if) life ever slows down a beat, I want to learn how to make my own clothes. I just love that creative process, so this experience was so fun! I loving mixing metals and textures together, and I knew I wanted a stack that took up some wrist coverage – more is more, people. I started with the Gold 5x Wrap bracelet as my base and added the Evil Eye bangle because I can always use some good energy, right? I knew I needed one more beauty… and the Silver Nuggets were just the missing puzzle piece. Voila! Isn’t she a beaut? Now that the The Carrie Bradshaw Lied Stack is available for purchase on (whoop whoop!), do you have any tips on how girls can style their own? Absolutely! I think this stack is great for everyday wear. The kind of day where you work 8+ hours and then meet your girlfriends for Taco Tuesday (my fave). I like to pair this stack with jeans and a front-tucked shirt or a breezy dress and flip flops. Let your wrist be the focal point of your jewelry and keep the earrings simple with some studs or delicate baubles.




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