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bus•y•wrist [biz-ee-rist]




1. the joint(s) connecting the hand with the forearm, adorned with bracelets of different colors, sizes and styles. typically, adorning begins at base of the hand

and works upward toward the elbow.


2. a bracelet bought from


"I'm only wearing twelve bracelets today, is my busywrist busy enough?"

"Hey! I love your gold wrap bracelet, it must be a busywrist."



*NOTE: not to be confused with Busy Wrist, Busywrist, or busy-wrists.





busywrist founder Megan Koranda started her accessories company in

2011 after graduating art school at Columbia College Chicago. Eager to

start her own business, she decided to combine her passion for jewelry design + graphic design; thus busywrist inc. was born.


The idea behind busywrist is to express yourself and your style by mixing, matching and stacking your wrists with as many bracelets as you please. There are no rules. Mix materials, colors, and styles. Wear one (not recommended) or wear one hundred (highly recommended). 



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