Do you love busywrist bracelets? Do you love to party? Grab some wine, call

your girls, and host an Arm Party. It's fun, easy, and there is something in it for 

you (hint: free bracelets). As the hostess, you receive 15% of the nights

total sales to spend toward your choice of busywrist bracelets.


Are you outside of Illinois? That's okay! Let us know where you're located,

and we'll see if we can work something out.


There ain't no party like an Arm Party. Set one up in that box below!





Set up a busywrist booth at your sorority house for events like Mom's weekend,

sisterhoods, philanthropy fundraisers, and other social events. We will donate 15%

of the proceeds back to your organization.


Have another event in mind? Awesome. We have attended and donated to many different types of events. Just give us the details and we will be in touch!


(feel free to contact us directly at:








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All warranties, statutory, express, implied or otherwise are hereby excluded.  We will not be responsible for any damages associated with the use or misuse of any of the products.  Not to be used or worn by children under the age of 10. If you are sensitive to any of the materials that may be incorporated into the products, consult your doctor or other medical professional before wearing.

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