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GUEST STACKER: Ashley Kane of Brunch on Chestnut

Happy Wednesday guys! I know it has been a while, sorry about that. Is it me or is this year FLYING?! Nonetheless, I have something really awesome for you on this chilly Chicago Spring morning (and by chilly I mean cold AF, it is literally 34 degrees right now). Fellow Chicagoans & other non-Californians, imagine yourself sitting on a breezy patio with your friends, sipping rosé, basking in the warm San Francisco sun. Sound amazing? I know. Well I ask because today, I am suuuuuper excited to introduce our newest guest stacker, Ashley Kane of our FAVORITE San Fran lifestyle blog: Brunch on Chestnut!

Brunch on Chestnut Stack

If you know me, it is no secret that brunching (ok well *bottomless brunching*) is hands down my favorite hobby. So when I came across Ashley's insanely fabulous fashion + lifestyle blog dedicated TO BRUNCH, I was obviously instantly hooked. BoC is absolutely one of the most aesthetically pleasing blogs out there, constantly featuring stunning imagery that highlights amazing style tips, interior design inspo, delicious looking eats, and much much more.

I was instantly attracted to Ashley's neutrally effortless style and her creative/artful aesthetic (the BoC branding game is SO on point - we are all about minimalism done right), and we were THRILLED when she hopped on board to do some custom design work for busywrist and created the Brunch on Chestnut Stack! The PERFECT arm-party for chatting with your gals at your favorite brunch spot on a stylish Sunday afternoon. Be sure to check out our Q&A with Ashley below, and enjoy 15% off our entire site all week long, using code BRUNCH15 at checkout!

Brunch on Chestnut Stack

For those who are new to Brunch on Chestnut, can you give us an idea of what readers can expect from your blog?

Ever since I can remember I've always been the creative type. Through art, fashion, photography, graphic designing, blogging, I've been able to express myself since I was little, and that continuous drive to inspire eventually led me to Brunch. I created Brunch on Chestnut almost 3 years ago and it's blossomed into something much more than I ever expected. I realize now that Brunch was born at the right place and the right time. I knew who I was, what I loved most, and was ready to put it all out there!

So if you're new to Brunch -- I will give you a little background on the name, and my point of view. When I was thinking of a name, I knew I wanted it to have a ring to it, and something that would illustrate a feel-good experience/moment/mindset. I am all about positive vibes/outlooks, creating beauty everyday, and treating yourself. After lots of brainstorming came a lightbulb -- Brunch! How amazing it is to wake up leisurely on a weekend, get dressed up (or totally casual, whatever makes you happiest!), and soak up a beautiful day with coffee and great company? That is an experience -- a little luxury. My blog is a lifestyle site that houses an array of topics like my personal style, interior design, gift guides, shopping roundups, weekend getaways, travel, cooking (here and there), etc. I like to keep the door open there to whatever is currently inspiring me. How would you describe the definition of Brunch on Chestnut style?

Neutral, classic, effortless, and comfortable. As a former stylist, and lots of trial and error (I like to shop a lot!), I learned that I gravitate towards simplicity, and an understated elegant style. I find that staple pieces, neutrals, and classics always stand the test of time and are so versatile in your wardrobe. I love adding a fun jacket or bag to make an outfit pop, and bring out the personality that way. Same goes for my apartment, I'm all about neutrals, however I love adding frames, pillow, throws, and decor that add something unique to the room.

Tell us about your stack design process! Did you have a specific vision in mind before selecting bracelets for your stack?

I am a huge advocate of gold dainty jewelry so I knew I wanted a few pieces that would lay nicely on my wrist. The 3 pieces I stacked really complement each other, and remind me of the weekend -- quite perfect for a brunch date :)

Now that the the Brunch on Chestnut Stack is available for purchase on (woohoo!), do you have any tips on how girls can style their own?

I think my stack is very wearable for any occasion! I also love each piece individually. I would say the perfect way to wear the Brunch on Chestnut Stack is with a great pair of distressed shorts or denim, your signature white vneck tee, sandals, a fedora, and you're good to go! They can dress up the most causal of outfits, but can also really elevate a blouse and heels as well. See! Versatility is key!

Brunch on Chestnut Stack
Brunch on Chestnut Stack
Brunch on Chestnut Stack




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