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GUEST STACKER: Ashley Kane of Brunch on Chestnut

Happy Wednesday guys! I know it has been a while, sorry about that. Is it me or is this year FLYING?! Nonetheless, I have something really awesome for you on this chilly Chicago Spring morning (and by chilly I mean cold AF, it is literally 34 degrees right now). Fellow Chicagoans & other non-Californians, imagine yourself sitting on a breezy patio with your friends, sipping rosé, basking in the warm San Francisco sun. Sound amazing? I know. Well I ask because today, I am suuuuuper excited to introduce our newest guest stacker, Ashley Kane of our FAVORITE San Fran lifestyle blog: Brunch on Chestnut!

For those who are new to Brunch on Chestnut, can you give us an idea of what readers can expect from your blog?

Ever since I can remember I've always been the creative type. Through art, fashion, photography, graphic designing, blogging, I've been able to express myself since I was little, and that continuous drive to inspire eventually led me to Brunch. I created Brunch on Chestnut almost 3 years ago and it's blossomed into something much more than I ever expected. I realize now that Brunch was born at the right place and the right time. I knew who I was, what I loved most, and was ready to put it all out there!

So if you're new to Brunch -- I will give you a little background on the name, and my point of view. When I was thinking of a name, I knew I wanted it to have a ring to it, and something that would illustrate a feel-good experience/moment/mindset. I am all about positive vibes/outlooks, creating beauty everyday, and treating yourself. After lots of brainstorming came a lightbulb -- Brunch! How amazing it is to wake up leisurely on a weekend, get dressed up (or totally casual, whatever makes you happiest!), and soak up a beautiful day with coffee and great company? That is an experience -- a little luxury. My blog is a lifestyle site that houses an array of topics like my personal style, interior design, gift guides, shopping roundups, weekend getaways, travel, cooking (here and there), etc. I like to keep the door open there to whatever is currently inspiring me. How would you describe the definition of Brunch on Chestnut style?

Neutral, classic, effortless, and comfortable. As a former stylist, and lots of trial and error (I like to shop a lot!), I learned that I gravitate towards simplicity, and an understated elegant style. I find that staple pieces, neutrals, and classics always stand the test of time and are so versatile in your wardrobe. I love adding a fun jacket or bag to make an outfit pop, and bring out the personality that way. Same goes for my apartment, I'm all about neutrals, however I love adding frames, pillow, throws, and decor that add something unique to the room.

Tell us about your stack design process! Did you have a specific vision in mind before selecting bracelets for your stack?

I am a huge advocate of gold dainty jewelry so I knew I wanted a few pieces that would lay nicely on my wrist. The 3 pieces I stacked really complement each other, and remind me of the weekend -- quite perfect for a brunch date :)

Now that the the Brunch on Chestnut Stack is available for purchase on (woohoo!), do you have any tips on how girls can style their own?

I think my stack is very wearable for any occasion! I also love each piece individually. I would say the perfect way to wear the Brunch on Chestnut Stack is with a great pair of distressed shorts or denim, your signature white vneck tee, sandals, a fedora, and you're good to go! They can dress up the most causal of outfits, but can also really elevate a blouse and heels as well. See! Versatility is key!





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