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There is a bracelet for every lady in your life. Check out our busywrist gift guide and see what you should be buying each of them this holiday season! Scroll down to the end of the guide for some tips on why you should buy what for who. HAPPY GIFTING!


1. MOM // Pearl & Gold Bead Wrap $72 | Get Mom some pearls, she deserves them she gave birth to you.

2. SISTER // Penelope Druzy $48 | Pick a druzy for your sissy. All our stones have different meanings, find one that suits her.

3. GIRLFRIEND // The Little Gold Stretch Bracelet $48 | 10k Gold. Duh.

4. BEST FRIEND // Sterling Silver Infinity Bracelet $32 | She's your BFFI (best friend for infinity). Let her know how much she means to you with this quality piece.

5. REGULAR FRIEND // Infinity Bangle $12 | Not that regular friends are LESS important than BFFI's, but you DO have more of them. Therefore, you might have to spend a little less. The Infinity Bangle still says "we will be regular friends forever and ever" and you don't have to invest quite as much. Ya know?

6. GRANDMA // Zebra Agate $42 | What Grandmother doesn't love a crazy/chunky/animal printed/semi-precious stone? They all do. Show Gram you know she's still trendy and get her wrist busied up.

7. FAVORITE COUSIN // Brown Belt Buckle Wrap $28 | Have a cousin you love SO much that you would still be friends even if you weren't related? Those cousins are the best. Don't let that relationship slip away. Get her a fun leather wrap, they go with anything and anyone.

8. AUNT // Crystal 2X Wrap $34 | This is the perfect Aunt bracelet. It's classy and simple, but still sparkly and cool...just like most aunts.

9. MOTHER-IN-LAW // Gray Crystal Shamballa $22 | Your mother-in-law. Love her, but never quite sure what to get her or how much to spend? Go with this. Trust me.

10. BOYFRIEND'S MOM // Jade Bracelet $14 | Okay, so depending on how long you've been dating your boyfriend, it might be appropriate/necessary/make you look good at this point to show his Mom a little love. Go with a Jade Bracelet, there is a color for everyone, you don't have to spend a lot, and you get credit from both of them for being an awesome GF.

11. NIECE // Bestie Bracelet $8 | Have a pre-teen, tween, or teen niece that is just starting to accessorize? She wants a Bestie Bracelet.

12. SISTER-IN-LAW // Gold 5X Wrap $42 | Whether or not your close with your SIL or only see her for the holidays, you can't go wrong with this bracelet. It's gold, unique and goes with everything.

13. BOSS // Silver Nuggets $22 | Do you have to get your boss something this year? That can be awk. This bracelet is a simple, quality piece that will make you look like you know what you're doing.

14. COWORKER // Suede Wrap $15 | Have a favorite coworker that you just want to give a present to? Are you involved in an annoying Secret Santa situation with a $20 maximum? Two words: SUEDE WRAP.




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