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GUEST STACKER: Jess Keys of The Golden Girl

So, I have a new girl crush. I've fallen in love with Jess Keys, founder of The Golden Girl Blog and am SO thrilled to introduce her as this months GUEST STACKER!

Jess and I met about a month ago and she's one of those lovely, rare types of people who you feel like you've known for years. Even though she grew up in Arizona (but now lives in Chicago), we quickly noticed how small of a world we live in, when we realized her boyfriend and I graduated from high school together in 2006! (What's up Neal! Go LT!)

I was so excited to hear she was interested in collaborating on a Golden Girl Stack, as I am a huge fan of her style, blog, and aesthetic. And seriously, how adorable is she?!?! Jess's Instagram account (@Jesskeys_) is also one of my absolute favorites, so if you're not following her already I recommend doing so, like immediately. Her blog is the perfect mix of classic with a bit of edginess that definitely keeps you coming back to see what she will post next!

Jess's stack is seriously amazing. She decided to feature our new Cookie Monster druzy and is even responsible for naming the bad boy herself! (Sheer brilliance if you ask me.) Also included in her stack is our dainty, 10k gold Little Gold Stretch Bracelet, and a Brown Leather Weave.

The Golden Girl Stack is available for purchase here, but be sure to go check out The Golden Girl Blog for a special busywrist discount code, exclusive to Golden Girl readers! Scroll down for a Q&A with Jess, and get to know the Golden Girl a little better!

(Amazing photos taken by Kelly Larkin, thanks Kelly!)

For those who are new to The Golden Girl, can you give us an idea of what readers can expect from your blog?

I like to describe it as a Chicago based lifestyle blog, but it's got a little bit of everything! It's very style focused, but also includes anything I might find inspirational -- a new recipe, a write up of my favorite local boutique, or a fun DIY project. How would you describe the definition of Golden Girl style?

That one's tough! My style is so much a reflection of what I'm feeling like that day, it could change from one day to the next. It's a means of creative expression for me, so sometimes I'm feeling classic and feminine, other days more edgy! Tell us about your stack design process. Did you have a specific vision in mind before selecting bracelets for The Golden Girl Stack?

I was immediately drawn to the blue Cookie Monster! Something about her just spoke to me. I don't even wear blue very often, but the second I saw her, it was meant to be. I love that she's such a statement, she's enough on her own, but looks just as great stacked with a bunch of other bracelets. I then added the leather wrap because it adds a more casual contrast when paired with the druzie, and the little gold stretch bracelet is such a sweet, delicate piece (and it's gold, duh). Together, they're an amazing combination! Now that the The Golden Girl Stack is available for purchase on, do you have any tips on how girls can style their own?

However they'd like! That's my favorite part about busywrist, with so many mixing and matching combos, you can wear your stack for any occasion! Lately I've been wearing mine with my favorite plaid shirts. The color of the druzie really brings out the blue in anything you wear, so I love pairing mine with blue, plaid hues. You really can't go wrong, though!




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